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Every industry comes with its own language. We want to know everything about your business so we can provide you with the right final product.

And we also want you to feel confident in the processes we employ to get your projects done. So we make every attempt to educate you about our business. We've collected several resources over the years and have posted them here to help you feel comfortable about speaking our language.

As an example, see Tip #1 on our home page. And here's another bit of useful information:

The Top 10 Reasons a Vendor Has Trouble With a File:
1) missing fonts, 2) PDF files missing bleeds, 3) low resolution images, 4) excessive sizing, 5) rotating of EPS, TIFF files in a page layout, 6) spot colors converted to process incorrectly, 7) nested files with missing elements, 8) image files in the wrong color space, 9) banding from gradients made incorrectly, and
10) incomplete or corrupt files.

Please browse through our FAQs, glossaries and helpful hints to gain even greater insight into how printing can work for you.